Go Beyond 

Work-Life Balance

  • Manage your mindset
  • Lift your energy levels
  • Boost your wellbeing

What is Working With Wellbeing?

  • Working With Wellbeing will help you go beyond work-life balance, no matter what you do for work, where you work or how you work.
  • In this busy 24/7 world it is easy to compromise your own wellbeing for the benefit of others. Take back control by building awareness of what great wellbeing for YOU needs to look like.
  • Learn how to manage your own mindset and improve your energy levels by making small sustainable changes and create an everyday work experience that matters to you.

What Will Completing Working With Wellbeing Give Me?

The feeling of a clear mind

Working With Wellbeing is our Learning Pathway that will leave you feeling clear-minded and in control of how you show up to work and leave work each day.

The sense of productivity

Learn how to manage your mindset and experience energy levels that lift your productivity and positively impact your work, and those around you.

Small actions giving you big changes

Create your own action plan of small sustainable changes that will support YOUR wellbeing and create an every day work experience that is meaningful to you.

How Will I Experience Working With Wellbeing?

Working With Wellbeing is brought to you in on-demand, self-paced, bitesize content.  

Five Modules

Five on-demand learning modules - each with two steps -will immerse you in topics that help you to take control.

Video Steps

Each of Working With Wellbeing’s steps begin with a short, animated video introducing you to the topic. 

Downloadable Resources

Each step provides you with an activity worksheet or resource to help you reflect and take action.  


Show and share with others taking the Working With Wellbeing Program. Learn from and support each other.

What Will I Learn In Working With Wellbeing?

Module 1 - Setting An Intention

In this module, you will discover The Four Elements of Wellbeing; Eat, Sweat, Think and Connect – and how they will help you improve your overall health and wellbeing. You’ll also learn how to set intentions to improve your wellbeing in each of these areas, setting you up for success in the following modules.  

Module 2 - A Strong Wellbeing Foundation

In this module we will focus on building a strong foundation for your wellbeing by looking at the Eat Element and how to nourish your body for optimal performance You’ll also learn how to incorporate movement into your workday, and how to strengthen the connection between your mind and body.  

Module 3 - Focus

Module 3 is all about finding focus during a busy workday. You will learn how to manage your time more effectively, multi-task without sacrificing quality, and prioritize your tasks to achieve your goals more efficiently whilst not compromising your wellbeing. It’s time to become more productive but less stressed at work.  

Module 4 - Stress Management

In this module, we’ll explore techniques for managing stress and building resilience. You’ll learn how to identify your stress triggers and how to manage them, as well as techniques for coping with stress when it arises. By the end of this module, you’ll be equipped with tools to help you navigate stressful situations with greater ease.   

Module 5 - Inner Calm

In the final module, we’ll focus on finding inner calm by avoiding burnout and improving your sleep habits. You’ll learn about the symptoms of burnout and techniques for preventing it from happening to you. You’ll also discover the steps you can take to get a better night’s sleep, including tips for starting your day with better sleep-in mind. By the end of this module, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to help you achieve a greater sense of calm and balance in both your work and personal life.   

 "Go Beyond Work-Life Balance"?

You've heard of work-life balance and it's benefit for your wellbeing.

You might have even seen the words 'work-life integration’ or ‘work-life harmony’. 

We believe that it’s important to move past simple words and take actions to improve wellbeing throughout the entire day – and in our entire life. 

To achieve this, we need to embed wellbeing through the whole day.

This can be easy to forget or difficult to find, due to being busy with to-do lists, meetings, and work pressure, alongside everyday home and life responsibilities. 

The risk is that, without a focus on wellbeing, your overall health is the first thing that you compromise. Without awareness and action, you may be left feeling overwhelmed, overlooked, and stressed out. 

So what actions do you need to take to get good wellbeing - to live well?

Rather than big life changes or transformation, it’s the small steps that often have the greatest impact. It’s bitesize actions that are easy to understand, quick to do – and simple to have as daily rituals to turn to when in need. 

That’s what Working With Wellbeing is about: how small steps and simple, easy-to-do actions can lift your entire outlook and help you to perform at your best.