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Eat Well to Live Well

This learning pathway isn't just about nutrition; it's a dynamic expedition that empowers you with the keys to unlock a new understanding of the food choices you make each day - and what it's doing to your whole day's life experience.

Back by popular demand, this four-module learning program is designed for you to go at your own pace while learning how to optimise your health and the role nutrition plays in our bodies. 

For previous joiners, you now have TWO NEW MODULES  to build on your previous knowledge: Brain and Mood Foods and Fuelling your Body.

A guided coaching journey is available only with our new modules. 

Don't miss our interactive live sessions with nutrition experts on 1 November and 9 November. 

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Brain and Mood Foods

What is the connection between food and mood? What foods are healthy for both the body and the mind? This module helps you to explore the connection between diet and mood. You will discover how certain nutrients can impact mental and emotional states as well as physiological health.

Fuelling your Body

In this module, you will learn the understand the importance of nourishing their bodies with the right nutrients for optimal performance, energy levels, recovery, and overall wellbeing. You will learn what the different types of fitness are and look at the importance of body positivity in your journey to eat well to live well.

Let’s share a two-week journey together as we learn to Eat Well to Live Well.

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Key Benefits

  1. 1
    Learn to love the experience of planning, preparing and sharing food with those that matter to you
  2. 2
    Give you the confidence to make healthy choices
  3. 3
    Awareness of how YOUR body and brain react to different food.
  4. 4
    Understand the building blocks of a healthy diet
  5. 5
    Be more intentional with your food choices
  6. 6
    Create your own sustainable healthy habits


Food has always been such an important part of my life not only because it kept me alive, but because of all the other things I associate it with: family, togetherness, joy, comfort. I am grateful to have been able to participate in the Pavelka Eat Well to Live Well program for various reasons:

  • I became more aware of the way I was eating, and I understood why it is important to have a healthy diet.
  • I developed a lot of healthy habits which I am still keeping almost a year since the program is over.
  • I learned a lot about other cultures.
  • I connected with my colleagues from all over the world which share the same passion about wellbeing as I do.

Alina Voicu, Cisco EMEA

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The Eat Element

Food is feeling good. Food heals, nourishes, and nurtures our bodies and our minds. It brings us together connecting us to ourselves and the world around us.