Do I need to be a member of the Pavelka House for Cisco to take part?

You do not.

The Pavelka App is the challenge platform and you will not be able to find it on the previous Pavelka House for Cisco browser page or app.

Do I have to download The Pavelka App to take part?

Of course, you do!

Become a member now and get started, download the app via the iOS App Store or Google Play and unlock the app using the key: CiscoHouse.

Does my existing Pavelka House for Cisco membership carry over to the new app?

No. The Pavelka App is a brand new, native application that has no links to the prior Pavelka House for Cisco site and memberships cannot be migrated over.

However it is very easy to set up an account on The Pavelka app, and takes no longer than a few minutes.

How do I access the challenge?

  • See a video of the process here
  • Download The Pavelka App via the iOS App Store or Google Play and unlock the app using the key: CiscoHouse
  • Click on the three dots "more" icon on the app homepage and select "Challenges"
  • From the challenges menu, select The Peak Communicator Challenge to take part

What is the duration of the challenge?

The Peak Communicator Challenge will run for 12 days.

How is the challenge delivered?

  • A choice of daily suggested activities via The Pavelka App
  • Community support and encouragement via your team and the app

How do I take part?

Taking part is easy, just follow these easy steps: 

  • Each day, log into the app and complete a challenge task as suggested on the challenge page
  • Tick the task completed box and post an image or reflection of your activity on the Paveka App (these will be tracked for the challenge)
  • Once your post is shared your activity is complete! We encourage you to discuss your progress and findings in the challenge feed via the Pavelka App.

How much time will the challenge take?

The most simple practical tasks may take only a a few minutes of your time, while the more in depth learning tasks will take a varying amount of time. It's important to remember though that you will get out of the tasks what you put in, so if you have the time we highly recommend trying a range of tasks.

Even completing all daily tasks may take you less than an hour!

What equipment will I need to complete the challenge?

Access to the internet on any modern device; (i.e. tablet, laptop, or phone) and time, are all you really need. All of our materials are linked electronically for you to access and complete paperlessly. Many of these activities do not require anything other than your attention and commitment.

What language is the challenge delivered in?

This challenge is a multilingual experience.

It is delivered in English with key on-demand content, available to participants in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

You may notice that some of the additional learning resources differ by region, as we have provided a list of regional partners and suppliers for you via this website.

How do I download the new Pavelka App to take part?

Become a member now and get started, download The Pavelka App via the iOS App Store or Google Play and unlock the app using the key: CiscoHouse.

See a video of the process here.

I’m unable to log into The Pavelka App

Before you can enter The Pavelka App it must be unlocked using the key CiscoHouse. Once you have unlocked the app, use your Cisco email address to create your account.

Can I use other features on The Pavelka App while the challenge is running?

Yes, and we actively encourage it. You will still be able to access our launch content and features. We recommend that you explore The Pavelka App as you further refine your healthy lifestyle.

The app technology isn’t working as expected/I have another question.

Please contact our tech team via the email address support@pavelka.co.uk for further advice and support.

Support is available Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm GMT

Can people outside Cisco take part in the challenge?

Not at the moment. You must enter a valid cisco.com email address to sign into the app.

Is the Challenge available to both blue and red badge employees?

Not at the moment. Red badge vendors from the USA are not able to access the app or challenge.