About Introduction

You’ve probably heard of work-life balance and how everybody seeks it out. Some HR teams and companies are moving away from the term work-life balance and referring to work-life integration or harmony. But how do we go beyond the buzzwords and embed wellbeing into our busy lives to enjoy work and our time when we are not at work? For many of us, our to-do lists, meetings, and home responsibilities can mean that our wellbeing is the first thing we compromise. Without the awareness that you are compromising yourself and acting, you may feel overwhelmed, overlooked, and stressed out.

Working With Wellbeing is our Learning Pathway that sees you find a flow state of purposeful performance and will leave you feeling clear-minded and in control. Learn how to manage your mindset and experience energy levels that lift your productivity and positively impact your work, and those around you. By making small sustainable changes, create an everyday work experience that matters to you.

It is time to get this 24/7 world working for you and not against you. It’s time to go beyond work-life balance.

May 5, 2023

Global Wellbeing Expert, Jessie Pavelka, introduces you to Working With Wellbeing and encourages you to take those small steps that get you feeling like you at your best. Let's get started, and find that state of comfort, happiness and health.

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