Are you feeling excited? 

We definitely are! This isn't just any challenge; it's a worldwide celebration of inclusivity, wellness, and unity within our community.

Every active minute counts, no matter where you are, what you're doing, or how you're moving. Every activity helps to light up your wellbeing!

Here's how you can get started:

  • Download the latest version of The Pavelka app from your device’s app store 
  • Unlock the app with the key: CiscoHouse
  • Log in using your Cisco email address and password 
  • Click on the challenge icon on the app homepage to join the challenge. 

In teams of four, add your minutes:

  • Enter the challenge and follow on screen prompts to create or join a team of up to four.
  • Manually enter your active minutes each day by selecting the activity page and editing your chosen day.
  • Alternatively, select Connect to select from our range of compatible devices to track your active minutes automatically.

We can't wait to see your active minutes add up.

Together, we'll make a global impact. 

Stay connected, communicate with your teams, and let's contribute to a shared vision of wellbeing.

Download the app to join the challenge