Financial Resources and Guidance

Take Your Financial Assessment

Check your financial health and bring some awareness to your current financial wellbeing.

Remember to save your results page so that you can compare back to this at the end of the challenge.

Download Your Budget Tracker

Finding extra money becomes easier when you know exactly what you're expecting each month. Download this budget tracker and fill in your monthly income and expenses to manage your money.

Your Learning Resources

Through this e-learning, available via Degreed platform, you will receive practical tips and tricks to make the most of your money and access new approaches to financial wellbeing in four areas: budgeting debt management, savings and protecting your finances.

Based on your location, you may access information and support on your pension plan by contacting your pension provider or benefits broker. Visit your country HR page > Benefits tab for contact details for your pension plan provider/broker.

Cisco Nudge UK

Cisco Nudge IRE

Nudge is your financial wellbeing one stop shop portal. It contains articles, stories and tools that will help you navigate through topics that are the top of mind for you. Log in and update your profile to get personalized financial wellbeing content through channels that suit you most.

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