Leading with Wellbeing 

Imagine a workplace where...

…your team has permission to focus on their personal wellbeing and this is firmly a part of your team culture, resulting in :-

  • a stronger team connection whether you all work together in the same office, remotely or even across different time zones.
  • a team which looks at setting wellbeing goals from a new perspective, and can achieve those goals.
  • a high performing team which has deep trust, and which feels safe enough for open and honest communication.

The Pavelka Approach 

Pavelka is a change agency. We work alongside Leaders and Teams to help embed and integrate wellbeing into the every-day workplace using an easy-to-understand ecosystem; The Four Elements; Eat, Sweat, Think and Connect. With a range of tools, proven techniques and human support, this creates environments based on inclusion, compassion and trust, where everyone can thrive, develop and enjoy the best version of themselves; at home and at work. 


Growing communities that allows your people to connect with each other, away from work, human to human.


Directly supporting leaders as they strive to lead with wellbeing and engage with their teams in the new hybrid world.


All about a shared journey and not just individual goals and leaderboards and connect people and teams around healthy collaboration and community experience.


Our Pioneer program helps people in your organisation to bring their passion for health into the workplace and engage with their colleagues and keep wellbeing alive.

Want to learn more and continue exploring?

Reach out to Jill and arrange a call back..

Your Wellbeing Team, Support & Resources 

We are your wellbeing team, real human support, tools and resources to help improve the wellbeing of your leaders, teams and individuals.

Applying our simple, yet impactful wellbeing formula, quickly makes sense of the complex wellbeing landscape and provides the common language; EAT, SWEAT, THINK, CONNECT that is easy to understand and all can relate to.

These universal concepts create a foundation (not a programme) to start building your culture of wellbeing that encourages your people to open up about their wellbeing, adopt goals that matter to them whilst being supported and recognised for their accomplishments.

Working with Pavelka provides access to our in-house content production capacity, leader resources and our wellbeing specialist network, examples of which are below...

Production Projects

In room events, hybrid events (not webinars), unique health & wellbeing videos, podcasts and programs.

Region Wellbeing Event
Resilience at Work Event

Content Production

Grab-and-go resources will help your people to take bitesize moments of wellbeing. From checklists, mind-maps, toolkits and more, our content team works with you to build a range of resources around The Four Elements, specially created for people, leaders and teams.

Relationship with Wellbeing
Wellbeing Conversation Starters

Wellbeing Expert Network

Pavelka works with global wellbeing specialists, partnering in the creation of unique content and engaging events. Here’s just a selection of our experts talking about perspectives that will help your people pause and consider their mental health.

Building resilience with Awareness
Inclusivity with John Young
Finding the confidence to start

Supporting Technology

Pavelka prides itself as a human first organisation, yes of course technology features, but only as a tool, as a vehicle for the delivering content with wrap-around human interaction. 

About Jessie and Team Pavelka

I co-founded Pavelka as a way of bringing wellbeing to people and teams in organisations and businesses.

It’s about providing a framework of support that sees people as human beings and encourages them to connect to themselves, each other and the organisation as a whole.

After nearly two decades working within the health and fitness area, I discovered that making small changes in four areas of life made a significant improvement, creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. 

From these insights I developed my own health philosophy, Eat Sweat Think Connect - The Four Elements - and I want to share it with you.

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