To the Renovated, Remodelled & Refreshed

Pavelka House for Cisco

Your Home of Wellbeing

Remodelled Around You

We’ve decluttered the space, plumped up the cushions and made everything nice and tidy for you to join us on the 21st August 2023.

Visit the remodelled Pavelka House for Cisco via our mobile or web app.

The Four Elements: Eat, Sweat, Think and Connect stay at the heart of The Pavelka House.

You will see regularly updated content and new features in each Element as you tour each room of The Pavelka House.

Your Directions to The Pavelka House

  • Visit us on browser or download the mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Unlock the app using the key: CiscoHouse 
  • Log in using your Cisco email and password 

Step inside, take a look around and experience The Four Elements now.

Take a Tour of the House - What's Inside?


Communities are a place to connect with like-minded people that have shared interests – or learn from others who are doing things differently.

Being part of a community allows you to support and motivate others with shared accountability.

Sharing and chatting makes communities your environment of interactive support.


Programs give focus to a particular topic, such as sleep, the immune system, mindfulness and more. Revolving around The Four Elements of Eat, Sweat, Think and Connect, a programme guides you through a journey of self-discovery.

The on-demand content around The Four Elements means you can take it at your own pace, letting you take the experience into your own hands and into your daily life.


A wellbeing challenge is a great way to build new connections and strengthen teamwork. 

Find motivation through the shared goal of a challenge and feel the power of healthy competition and team engagement.

Take part in a collective experience of movement or inspire and motivate each other through one of our show and share challenges.

Resource Collections

A wealth of guidance, tips and discussion from our Pavelka Experts, curated for you in a series of themed collections. 

Each collection features a range of articles, videos and more based around the wellbeing themes that matter to you including:

  • Sleep
  • Conscious Choices
  • Quick Wellbeing
  • Family