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Imagine a workplace where...

…your team has permission to focus on their personal wellbeing and this is firmly a part of your team culture, resulting in :-

  • a stronger team connection whether you all work together in the same office, remotely or even across different time zones
  • a team which looks at setting wellbeing goals from a new perspective, and can achieve those goals
  • a high performing team which has deep trust, and which feels safe enough for open and honest communication.

The Pavelka Approach 

Pavelka is a change agency. We work alongside Leaders and Teams to help embed and integrate wellbeing into the every-day workplace using an easy-to-understand ecosystem; The Four Elements; Eat, Sweat, Think and Connect. With a range of tools, proven techniques and human support, this creates environments based on inclusion, compassion and trust, where everyone can thrive, develop and enjoy the best version of themselves; at home and at work. 


Growing communities that allows your people to connect with each other, away from work, human to human.


Directly supporting leaders as they strive to lead with wellbeing and engage with their teams in the new hybrid world.


All about a shared journey and not just individual goals and leaderboards and connect people and teams around healthy collaboration and community experience.


Our Pioneer program helps people in your organisation to bring their passion for health into the workplace and engage with their colleagues and keep wellbeing alive.

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