reset for relevance

2022 APITT forum meeting

Support & Resources 

We've been delighted to have supported Mercer & APITT with the 'reset for relevance' conference and hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did.

To support your ongoing journey with well-being, we thought you'd like this selection of 'Grab-and-Go' resources designed to help you and your people take bitesize moments of well-being. 

Each resource supports the interactive insights from the day which are also included below.

1. What barriers to well-being do your teams face?

Well-being Barriers

Awareness of the factors that affect mental health can help you understand the barriers your people face with their well-being.

This resource visually highlights the life-cycle some team members could find themselves in, with some handy tips to help at each stage.  

Resource Download - Mental Health Awareness

2. What do your people need?

Well-being Needs

Sometimes understanding what your people need, usually starts with you! 

Using the Pavelka model I-You-We, this resource walks you through a perspective exercise to help recognise what is required at each stage.

Resource Download - A Journey of Recovery

3. Name one thing you could do to support your teams today!

Well-being Support

Applying our simple yet impactful well-being formula, The Four Elements, quickly make sense of the complex well-being landscape and provides common language; EAT, SWEAT, THINK, CONNECT that is easy to understand and all can relate to.

These universal concepts create a foundation (not a programme) to start building your culture of well-being that encourages your people to open up about their well-being, adopt goals that matter to them whilst being supported and recognised for their accomplishments.

Resource Download - 52 Conversation Starters

Here's to a World of Well-being!

Here at Pavelka we help global organisations embed a foundation of well-being within the workplace.

Since 2015, we’ve been working with businesses of all sizes, from large global corporations on cross-continent initiatives to smaller teams with more modest ambitions.

We now extended the invite for you to join us on our mission...

‘to light up the world with well-being!’

Want to learn more and continue exploring?

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