First Things First...

  1. Download the new Pavelka app from your device’s app store 
  2. Unlock the app with the key: CiscoHouse
  3. Log in using your Cisco email address and password 
  4. Click on the challenge icon on the app homepage 
  5. Select "Invites" either accept/decline existing invites or send some to create your team of up to 4 
  6. From the 31st of January, each team member completes an Eat, Sweat, Think or Connect task as suggested on the challenge page (one per team member) 
  7. Each member completes their suggested task and posts an image or reflection of their activity (these will be tracked for the challenge) 
  8. Join theβ€―challenge Webex space 

Download the app

Prize draws and checkpoints  

Each consecutive day that your team tick off all their activities and post reflections will be logged as progress towards a series of checkpoints: 

  • Bronze – completed 5β€―<β€―days 

  • Silver – completed 10β€―<β€―days 

  • Gold – completed 15/15 days

Following the challenge random prize draws will be held to select a number of winning teams from all that achieve the required number of days. 

Prizes will either be bronze, silver or gold Pavelka goodie bags for your team (increasing in value), or a virtual activity (again, increasing in value from bronze to gold). 

Download the app

Have a successful challenge

A common goal – set the terms  

Collaboration works best when everyone is clear on the destination and the goal ahead. What are everyone’s expectations upfront? Are you all going for a particular medal in the Challenge? Are some people interested in particular Elements each day or working on their health for a specific reason? 

Beyond the Challenge interaction itself, what else would you like success with? 

Are you going to communicate your Challenge experience internally – with who, and how? 

Are you looking to share your journey on social media platforms – individually and/or as a team? 

The details – how will we come together on this? 

Not only how, but prepare the when/where/how/who/what – before launching ahead on the journey. 

As explained in the guidance, you go to the Challenge section in the app, and each person submits one Element that they did that day (the app has suggestions of what these could be). 

Are you going to choose a certain time each day that each team member does this? Who is going to be accountable for reminding others? What kinds of Element or task does each person feel most comfortable with?β€― 

Planning and preparation are the foundations for healthy collaboration, so that each person knows their role and feels that they have space to focus on the small tasks that make up the whole endeavour. 

The purpose – beyond the goal 

How will you celebrate the journey and commemorate the collaborative time you’ve had together? 

Completing an activity, getting a tick and earning a day toward your Challenge medal feels good – but what will be next? If all goes to plan, you will be putting bitesize well-being behaviours into your day and making them part of your healthy habits. 

If you came to a realisation during the Challenge – we call them thunderbolt moments – how will you record this and, more importantly, share it on? This might not need an answer now but it’s all about having continued awareness. That’s part of what we hope this Challenge brings you – awareness of how small habits bring you big positive impacts, along with some valuable self-knowledge about what works for you. 

The contingencies – what happens if it goes wrong? 

What if someone misses a day? What if something else takes over or a person falls out of contact or gets sick? Identifying what could put the team off course during the journey will give everyone a line of sight to the goal ahead – come what may.