DO I NEED TO download the new pavelka app TO TAKE PART?

Of course, you do!

Become a member now and get started, download the app via the iOS App Store or Google Play and unlock the app using the key: CiscoHouse.

DO I NEED TO be a member of the pavelka house for cisco to take part?

You do not.

The new app is the challenge platform and you will not be able to find it on the previous Pavelka House for Cisco browser page or app.

DOes my existing pavelka house for cisco membership carry over to the new app?

No. The Pavelka app is a brand new, native application that has no links to the prior Pavelka House for Cisco site and memberships cannot be migrated over.

However it is very easy to set up an account on the app, and takes no longer than a few minutes.

How do i sign up to for the challenge?

  • Download the new Pavelka app and unlock it using the key CiscoHouse
  • Click on the challenge icon on the app homepage
  • Select "Invites" either accept/decline existing invites or send some to create your team of up to 4
  • Join the challenge Webex space (using VPN)
  • From the 31st of January, each team member completes an Eat, Sweat, Think or Connect task as suggested on the challenge page (one per team member)

How do I take part?

Taking part with your team of up to four is easy, just follow these easy steps: 

  • From the 31st of January, each team member completes an Eat, Sweat, Think or Connect task as suggested on the challenge page (one per team member)
  • Each member ticks their task completed box and posts an image or reflection of their activity (these will be tracked for the challenge)
  • Once your team has completed 4 activities your work for the day is complete.

Can red badge staff take part?

The Pavelka app and challenge are available to red badge staff, and we encourage them to take part. Both blue and red badges are more than welcome to join the fun in the challenge, however, the prizes are limited to blue badges.

Can I join if I am based in the US or invite a team member from the US to be part of the challenge?

This challenge is open to everybody that has a Cisco ID (Cisco email address) and you can join the challenge if you are in the US or invite team members that are based in the US. The wider CiscoPavelka Initiative is currently only available to those based in EMEAR, APJC, LatAm and Canada, and so those based in the US who have downloaded the Pavelka App, may have limited access to future challenges and programmes delivered by Pavelka.

Is it safe to take part if I am recovering from COVID-19 or if I do not consider myself physically fit?

The challenge is a mixture of well-being suggestions based on Pavelka’s Four Elements; Eat, Sweat, Think and Connect. Many of these suggestions do not require any physical exertion at all, as the inclusivity of our challenge was paramount as we designed it. As part of a team of 4, if a task is too physical or unsuitable for you, regardless of which Element it falls under, you can agree as a team the team member best placed to complete it while the rest of the team can take the less physical tasks.

What are the targets for entering the prize draws?

Each consecutive day that your team tick off all their activities and post reflections will be logged as progress towards a series of checkpoints:

Bronze – completed 5 < days

Silver – completed 10 < days

Gold – completed 15/15 days

Remember: Both blue and red badges are more than welcome to join the fun in the challenge, however, the prizes are limited to blue badges.

How/why did you set those targets?

The challenge is based around the concept of a team connecting to establish new healthy habits, with users logging into the app and completing a series of healthy activities day after day. Research suggests that, while the exact number of days differs per person, new habits can be formed in the space of 21 consecutive days.

The chosen targets have been selected with that in mind, prompting users to practice their behaviours over 21 days (which we are taking as β€œworking days”, Monday-Friday), prompting their brain to establish them as new habits. The target prize draw bands denote the completion of 1, 2 and 3 working weeks.

What are the prizes and how do you qualify to earn one?

Prizes will either be bronze, silver and gold goodie bags (increasing in value).

What is required for a day's activity to be counted?

For a day’s activity to be counted towards the targets a team must complete an activity in each Element area (one Eat, Sweat, Think and Connect) and post reflections and images on their activities. Those posts and reflections will be counted towards your total.

How do i decide which activities to complete?

Each day you log into the app you will be presented with four suggested actions, one from each of Pavelka’s Four Elements of wellbeing; Eat, Sweat, Think and Connect. Discuss and decide within your team which member will take responsibility for which element that day/week/etc and complete your chosen one before ticking it off and sharing an image or reflection in the Pavelka app.

What if I can’t complete the suggested action for my Element?

In this case reach out to your teammates and organise a swap. As long as your team completes four activities, we don't mind who focuses on each Element.

I don't have a full team of four, Can i still take part?

Yes, although to complete a day’s activity someone will have to complete multiple suggested actions (4, just as with a full team). Don’t worry though, most of them are very simple and take little time to complete.

How do I set up my team?

To set up a team, you must have a Team Captain. They create the team and then send invites. It is also recommended that they add the team to the challenge Webex space (use VPN).

How do I invite people to join my team?

Enter the challenge and select "invites", then create an invite using your colleague's name. These individuals must have downloaded and signed into the app in order to receive invitations.

can people outside Cisco take part in the challenge?

Not at the moment. You must enter a valid cisco.com email address to sign in to the app.

Can I be a member of more than one team in the challenge?

You can only be a member of one team in the challenge at a time.

Can I leave a team and join another?

Prior to the challenge you may remove yourself. Once the challenge commences, to leave a team, the team captain will need to remove you. 

Once you have been removed from the original team, you will be able to join another team in the challenge, but your accumulated activities stay with your previous team.

NOTE - Once you have accepted an invitation you will be unable to receive any others unless you are removed from a team.

Im unable to invite my colleague

You can only invite other users of the app to join your team. Connect with your colleague out of app and ask them to download it. Once they have, you will be able to invite them.

Im unable to log into the app

Before you can enter the app it must be unlocked using the key CiscoHouse. Once you have unlocked the app, use your Cisco email address to create your account.

Can I use other features on the app while the challenge is running?

Yes, and we actively encourage it. You will still be able to access our launch content and features. We recommend that you explore the app as you further refine your healthy lifestyle.

The app Technology isnt working as expected/ I have another question

Please contact our tech team via the email address support@pavelka.co.uk for further advice and support.