Eat Well to Live Well FAQs

Please see below our list of frequently asked questions. For more specific queries please contact support@pavelka.co.uk

The Learning Pathway

What is Eat Well to Live Well about?

This two-module learning pathway takes you on a journey through the world of nutrition to appreciate and understand the connection between the food that you consume and your mental and physical wellbeing.

Together, we will explore some of the challenges that you might face with food socially and psychologically and provide you with practical suggestions for ways you might want to improve your daily food experiences. Let Pavelka’s Four Elements; Eat, Sweat, Think and Connect, provide a new and holistic approach to exploring how you fuel yourself so that you can Eat Well to Live Well.

What is the duration of Eat Well to Live Well?

We have provided a two-week registration period so that you have time to get prepared and the Pavelka team can undertake all of the necessary administration.

Sign up opens on the 24th October 2022 and closes at 11:59 pm GMT on the 6th November 2022.

We then start our journey together on Monday 7th November and will end our learning pathway on Friday 20th November 2022.

7th November – week 1
14th November – week 2

How is Eat Well to Live Well delivered?

The foundation of Eat Well to Live Well is a set of on-demand learning modules. These modules are hosted on a web platform that will allow you to access the learning videos and supporting resources from any device.

Alongside the learning videos, you will find online activity worksheets, tip sheets and additional resources to support you apply what you have learnt.

Because this is a Pavelka learning pathway, it is important to us that you can also access a community experience. That is why we are running Eat Well to Live Well with a shared start and end date.

Monday 7th November until Friday 20th November 2022.

Alongside the on-demand learning content, by joining the community you will also have access to:

-A community WebEx Teams Space to stay connected and curiouse
-Live learning sessions that will allow you to dive deeper into some of the topics covered, ask our expert contributors any questions that you might have

Who is Eat Well to Live Well for?

The pathways offered by Pavelka are available globally to all regular employees.

At this time, you cannot offer access to this program to friends or family.

How much time will I need for Eat Well to Live Well?

Like all things that matter, you will get out of the Eat Well to Live Well learning pathway, what you put into it.

If you would like to follow the on-demand learning pathway, you will need to set aside around 60 minutes each week to watch the series of short videos and complete the activity worksheets.

Our live learning sessions are also 60 minutes long and will take place during standard work hours. There will be one live learning session for your time zone in each of the two weeks that we are running the learning pathway.

Having a buddy is a great way to enhance your learning pathway experience. Being a great buddy will mean committing some time to connect with them whether that be just in a chat or virtually for 30 minutes a week.  

What equipment will I need to complete Eat Well to Live Well?

Access to the internet on any modern device; (i.e. tablet, laptop, or phone) and time, are all you really need.

All the materials provided are fully virtual and interactive, even our workbook can be completed on your tablet device. Of course, you could have a hard copy in front of you if you like to write down notes. Many of these activities do not require anything other than your attention and commitment.

How many people can participate in Eat Well to Live Well?

There are no limits to the number of people who can join the facilitated programme.

What can I expect after signing up for the programme?

You will receive a welcome email with an introduction to The Four Elements - Eat, Sweat, Think, Connect, and a link to access the on-demand learning modules.

During the duration of the programme, you will also receive links to access the content, and be assigned to a buddy if you have indicated your interest.

WebEx Teams Space:

You will be added into a WebEx Teams Space, together with the other participants Eat Well to Live Well. This will be your learning pathway community enabling you to interact with other participants from across the globe. You should feel free to post in whichever language you feel most comfortable in, but Pavelka will only be posting in English.

Live Learning Sessions:

You will receive calendar invites for the live learning sessions in your time zone from a member of the Pavelka team.

Meet Your Buddy:

You will have the opportunity to be assigned to a buddy for the learning pathway and you are highly encouraged to connect and chat with one another. You can indicate your interest for a buddy when you complete the registration form for Eat Well to Live Well.

Weekly Emails:

You will receive a weekly coaching email with a short reminder of the activities that you should be completing that week.

What languages is Eat Well to Live Well available in?

Eat Well to Live Well is a multilingual experience.

All of the on-demand content is delivered in English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish and Portuguese.  


How do I get assigned a buddy?

The Pavelka team will assign a buddy to you if you have indicated your interest when submitting your Registration Form. You will receive an email with buddy instructions, as well as the contact email of the buddy you have been matched with.

If you have not received the email by the first day of the Eat Well to Live Well journey, which is Monday 7th November 2022, or you have changed your mind and would like a buddy then please email support@pavelka.co.uk.

How do I know if my buddy will reach out to me? Who makes the first contact?

It does not matter who reaches out first. To enhance your learning, take the opportunity to reach out as soon as possible!

If you are having issue contacting your buddy via email or WebEx Teams then please email support@pavelka.co.uk and we will see if we can re-match you.

What happens if my buddy is not responding or replying?

Please do give 1-2 working days for your buddy to respond (we are all busy people!).

Alternatively, you may attempt to contact them individually on WebEx.

If you have not received a response from your buddy after several days, you may choose to proceed without a buddy or contact support@pavelka.co.uk for assistance, where we will try and pair you up with someone else.

Am I able to swap my buddy for someone else?

We highly encourage that you stay with your assigned buddy and be pro-active in communication. Should there be any challenges that arise, do attempt to resolve that between both of you, and reach out to your fellow colleagues in your respective regions to check if anyone else would like to pair up with you.

If you are unable to proceed with your assigned buddy, get in touch with the Pavelka team via support@pavelka.co.uk and we will try to pair you up with somebody else.

How can I be a great buddy?

Be of service and connect on a human-to-human level. Practise listening and communicating with empathy. Be present for them and their experience!


Do I need to be a member of The Pavelka House for Cisco to complete Eat Well to Live Well!

By completing the registration form for Eat Well to Live Well you have become a member of The Pavelka House for Cisco.

The Pavelka House for Cisco is a resource-based website to support you and your entire wellbeing. It uses Pavelka’s Four Elements; Eat, Sweat, Think and Connect to provide tips, guides and information as well as share with you the events, challenges and pathways that are coming up within the CiscoPavelka Initiative. 

I am not receiving the Eat Well to Live Well emails

Many of our emails are sent from a third-party scheduler and those pesky Outlook email filters LOVE hiding them from you.

In your Outlook inbox, take a look in your ‘Other’ inbox for emails from the Pavelka Team. You can always set them to always come into your Focused inbox. The next place to check will be your junk folder before contacting us on support@pavelka.co.uk.

Where can I find the on-demand learning resources for Eat Well to Live Well?

The content for Eat Well to Live Well is on a secret bit of our website (ssh don’t tell anybody), and is only accessible by the link sent to you once you register for the Eat Well to Live Well learning pathway.

If you have registered but have misplaced your link, please contact support@pavelka.co.uk and we will be happy to reshare the link with you.