Is It Time To Take A Wellbeing Pause?

Reset Your Wellbeing In Just 5 Minutes


Do you know how much H2O you should be drinking every day? If you don't, you are likely walking around chronically dehydrated, leading to a feeling of fatigue, a lack of focus and hunger pangs. 

Listen to the failsafe formula to stay hydrated and alert. Let this video remind you to drink some water - let's stay hydrated people!

Stay Happy

What if your diet stopped being about vanity and instead about sanity? Your relationship with food could connect you back to yourself and the way that you feel ever day. Learn why fiber should be a nutrient you take seriously and which foods you should be looking out for to keep focused, energetic and happy - now who doesn't want that?

Successful Snacking

Feeling hungry and need to top-up your energy levels? Then it is time for a snack. Hear our top two tips for ensuring that your snacks sustain your wellbeing routine and don't throw you off track. Go forth and snack with joy.

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Leading With Wellbeing

Easily build a team culture of wellbeing with our monthly newsletter "Leading With Wellbeing". Every month explore top tips, resources, and practical activities to easily engage your team. 

Breathing Deeply

We usually breathe shallow and trigger unwanted feelings of fear, anxiety and stress. Let us share the science behind the benefits of taking a moment for a deep breath so that you can move faster, perform well and feel relaxed. Now it's just down to you to find those moments in your day to breathe.

...And Relax

Do you want to feel more relaxed? Well we have a secret technique that is scientifically proven to help you relax. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) breathing will strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system and reduce your stress. Take a moment and focus on your breathing. 

The Physiological Sigh

Do you need a quick burst of energy? Then look no further than this easy-to-follow breathing exercise. The physiological sigh is a breathing technique designed to help you get oxygen-rich blood to the key energy creating parts of your body. What are you going to do with all of this new-found energy?

Don't Know Where To Start With Wellbeing?